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Backcountry Trips

Find a ski touring experience 

that fits your skills and goals.

We offer two skiing options, depending on the gear we choose, skiing ability, goals, determination, and conditions.

XC/BC – At Ski Nevada we specialize in a unique approach to ski touring.  Standard cross-country skis are skinny and often difficult to maneuver.  Our ‘light touring’ skis are wider and have metal edges. This eliminates the need for groomed trails, and we can go just about anywhere we can imagine! 

These beefier skis allow us to access a variety of landscapes, while the soft boots make for comfortable, easy striding.  Even beginners/non-skiers can enjoy a scenic cruise through the woods and meadows on mostly flat ground. If you can walk, you can cross-country ski!

Those with some downhill skiing experience can also enjoy making easy turns on slightly steeper terrain.

Uphill/downhill backcountry – We also offer more traditional introductory backcountry touring, utilizing full sized skis and climbing skins.  This is a great option for those who have ‘making turns’ a priority. 

No previous backcountry experience is necessary; however some downhill skiing skills are required.  Remember that it often takes much longer to go up than to come down.  Most of our tours only involve one run.  However it can still be a satisfying full day of skiing, though with a different set of priorities than resort downhill skiing.


Participants should understand that backcountry snow is not groomed, and conditions can vary greatly.  While our guides know where to find the best snow for making turns, some days are more about the complete backcountry experience rather than making perfect downhill runs in pristine powder.

Need more details? Contact us.
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