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Rental Packages

At Ski Nevada, our goal is to make our fleet of cross-country rental gear available to the community at a reasonable cost.    Our revolutionary 'XC/BC' setups affords world of options for waxless, light ski touring.  We can venture beyond groomed trails, to explore all types of terrain.  Accessing the winter mountains has never been more easy and practical! 

Rentals are available for both kids and adults, and are intended for day use in the Mt. Rose, Nevada area.

Call for rental reservations today!

Beefier skies for easier ski touring

Our skis are generally wider than the traditional skinny cross-country skis, making them more stable.  They also all feature a full metal edge, just like on your downhill skis. This makes for a much quicker learning curve, as well as better touring and downhill capability.


Boots of all sizes

We use the NNN BC system for the boot/binding interface.  The comfortable, easy-to-use system is the best and most reliable touring system available.  This allows for the best control for downhill performance, while still offering free-pivot striding.  We can accommodate foot sizes from children's size 9 to adult size 14.

Call 530 448-3518 to reserve a cross country package.

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