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Backcountry skiing is an active, challenging and rewarding activity that just about anyone can enjoy.  All that is needed is a moderate level of cardio-vascular fitness and a willingness to explore!

The requirements of light touring are unique from other types of skiing.  For example the higher level of cardio activity requires lots of layering of clothing that can be added or removed depending on the level of activity at the moment.  For instance we recommend bringing multiple pairs of gloves: one light pair for the uphill, and a warmer pair for downhill.


Please wear your layers of breathable synthetic underwear and clothing.  No cotton please!  Your guide will carry the snacks and group equipment like a first aid kit.  But you should bring a small day bag to carry water, extra clothes and other personal items. 


Guests should understand that ski touring in the Sierra is subject to a wide variety of conditions, from hot and sunny to full stormy blizzard.  The snow can range from ice, corn or crust to deep powder.  Also note that we can best avoid the crowds and attain the great views by pushing our comfort limits both physically and mentally.  Participants can come prepared for the conditions by bringing the proper attire and a sense of adventure!

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